eHeroes D3.5 Source regions, acceleration mechanisms and interplanetary propagation of Solar Energetic Particles

Solar energetic particles can cause damage or failure of spacecraft electronic systems and pose higher-than-normal radiation doses for crew members of spacecraft and high-flying aircraft, which can affect physical health (e.g., ref.).

The University of Göttingen led eHEROES Task 3.6 “Source region, acceleration mechanisms and interplanetary propagation of SEPs”, as part of eHEROES Work Package 3 ”Solar and Space Events and their Evolution“. The achievements of this task are summarised through the eHEROES deliverable D3.5 „Source region, acceleration mechanisms and interplanetary propagation of SEPs”. Contributing partners to D3.5 were UCL, UCT, LPI. 

The main goal of D3.5 can be summarised as follows: “eHEROES deliverable D3.5 aims at deriving quantitative results about the intensity dependence of major solar energetic particle events in the inner heliosphere on the magnetic coupling to the solar source regions and the extrapolation of these results to the orbit of Mars for future space applications”.

Project acronym: EHEROES

Project title: Environment for Human Exploration and RObotic Experimentation in Space

Grant Agreement number: 284461

Coordinator: Giovanni Lapenta

Project co-funded by the European Commission,

Seventh Framework Programme

Funding Scheme: FP7-SPACE-2011-1

Editor: V. Bothmer

Authors: V. Bothmer, R. Kanzler, A. Pluta

Quality reviewer: V. Bothmer, L. van Driel-Gesztelyi

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