Welcome to the AFFECTS User Workshop

On February 28th, 2013 the AFFECTS team organised an international user workshop at the Royal Observatory of Belgium in Brussels.

At the workshop there was a demonstration of all AFFECTS space weather products:

- Near real time dimming and EIT wave detection

- 3D CME analysis tool

- Coronal analysis tool

- CME & solar wind arrival and impact forecast tool

- Flare, CME, geomagnetic, auroral, ionospheric forecasts & alerts

- Forecast of perturbed TEC

- Solar activity and space weather timelines viewer 


If you haven't done so, please evaluate the workshop by answering the Questionnaire (see on the right) and send it to Cis Verbeeck (cis.verbeeck(at)oma.be).

This helps us to improve our services for the benefit of the users.



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