AFFECTS Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) is responsible for the strategic decisions within the frame of the European Commission's Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement.

The board comprises of the project coordinator, all WP leaders and one representative of the U.S. partner. It meets twice a year, with one meeting taking place at the General Meeting.

Members of the Steering Committee are

- Dr. Volker Bothmer (UGOE, Göttingen, Germany) as Project Coordinator

- Prof. Chris Hall (UoT, Tromsø, Norway) as leader of Work Package (WP) 2

- Dr. Raimund Brunner (FHG, Friedrichshafen, Germany) as leader of WP2

- Dr. Cis Verbeeck (ROB, Brussels, Belgium) as leader of WP3

- Dr. Aleksei Parnowski (SRI NASU-NSAU, Kyiv, Ukraine) as leader of WP4

- Dr. Norbert Jakowski (DLR, Neustrelitz, Germany) as leader of WP5

- Dr. Jens Berdermann (DLR, Neustrelitz, Germany) as leader of WP5

- Dr. Ronald van der Linden (ROB, Brussels, Belgium) as leader of WP6

- and Dr. Rodney Viereck (NOAA-SWPC, Boulder, USA) as US external collaborator.



Meeting Calendar

  1. Nov. 29th, 2011, Namur, Belgium: 1st AFFECTS SC Meeting (During ESWW8)
  2. Feb. 21st, 2012, Brussels, Belgium: 2nd AFFECTS SC Meeting (During 1st General Meeting (GM-1))
  3. Nov. 6th, 2012, Brussels, Belgium: 3rd AFFECTS SC Meeting (During ESWW9)
  4. Feb. 27th, 2013, Brussels, Belgium: 4th AFFECTS SC Meeting (During GM-2)
  5. Sep. 24th, 2013, Göttingen, Germany: 5th AFFECTS SC Meeting (During extraordinary project meeting)
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