List of Deliverables

1st Reporting Period (March 2011 - February 2012)

Del. N°Del. TitleLead BeneficiaryNatureDissemination LevelDelivery Date
D1.1Definition of internal document templatesUniversity of Göttingen (UGOE)Report (R)Confidential (CO)May 2011
D2.4Online provision of L1 solar wind, geomagnetic indices data baseGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)RPublic (PU)May 2011
D1.2Kick-Off Meeting documentationUGOERPUAug. 2011
D1.3Provision of onlie wiki-interfaceUGOERPUAug. 2011
D2.5Provision of a web-interface for AE activity monitor and local indices data baseUniversity of Tromsoe (UoT)RPUAug. 2011
D5.1System architecture documentDLRRPUOct. 2011
D1.4Report on formation of Steering Committee, Advisory Board and URITUGOERPUDec. 2011
D2.1Provision of a dedicated web-interface for EUV dataRoyal Observatory of Belgium (ROB)RPUDec. 2011
D2.6Online provision of GNSS based ionospheric data baseDLRRPUDec. 2011
D3.2Provision of layout for an early warning system for GNSS usersDLRRPUDec. 2011

2nd Reporting Period (March 2012 - February 2013)

Del. N°Del. TitleLead BeneficiaryNature Dissemination LevelDelivery Date
D3.3Provision of final version of Early Warning SystemROBRCOAug. 2012
D4.1Provision of software tool for forecasting indicesSRI NASU-NSAURPUAug. 2012
D4.2Report on solar EUV characteristics Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM (FHG)RCOAug. 2012
D4.3Online provision of auroral alert and tracking systemUoTDemonstrator (D)PUAug. 2012
D4.4Provision of software tool for forecasting perturbed TECDLRRCOAug. 2012
D2.2Online provision of solar activity proxies and solar activity data baseROBRPUFeb. 2013
D2.7SPIS modelAstrium STRPUFeb. 2013
D3.4Report on quality control and user feedbackROBRPUFeb. 2013
D6.2International user workshop documentationROBRPUFeb. 2013

3rd Reporting Period (March 2013 - February 2014)

Del. No.Del. TitleLead BeneficiaryNatureDissemination LevelDelivery Date
D5.2Report on product generation testDLRRCOApril 2013
D5.3Report on quality control checksDLRRPUAug. 2013
D6.3Report on User Workshop ResultsROBRPUAug. 2013
D5.4Report on overall functionality testDLRRPUOct. 2013
D5.5Establishment of continuous online operation system at DLR/SWACIDLRRPUOct. 2013
D6.1Establishment of continuous online operation system at ROB/RWCROBRPUOct. 2013
D3.1Provision of online operational integration of software packages in full operational chainROBRCONov. 2013
D6.4Report on long-term product sustainabilityROBRPUDec. 2013
D6.5Space Weather Multimedia ShowUGOEOther (O)PUDec. 2013
D6.6AFFECTS Space Weather Mobile Phone AppUGOEOPUDec. 2013
D3.2Online provision of SEPS EUV and plasma dataFHGRPUFeb. 2014
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