Advanced Forecast For Ensuring Communications Through Space - is a space research project under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union.

AFFECTS will provide advanced early space weather warning to protect communication systems.

The latest Space Weather Reports can be found at WEATHER.

Please note that we only update that page in case of a major event!

You can now subscribe to our new feed "AFFECTS space weather reports and storm warnings" to keep informed about severe space weather conditions. Subscribe here:

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The following institutions are involved in AFFECTS:

Ben. No.CountryInstitutionShort NameScientific Contact
1GermanyGeorg-August-University GöttingenUGOEDr. Volker Bothmer, project coordinator
2BelgiumRoyal Observatory of BelgiumROBDr. Ronald Van der Linden, Dr. Cis Verbeeck
3UkraineSpace Research Institute SRI NASU-NSAUDr. Aleksei Parnowski
4GermanyFraunhofer IPMFHGDr. Raimund Brunner
5NorwayUniversity of TromsøUoTProf. Chris Hall
6GermanyGerman Aeropace CenterDLRDr. Norbert Jakowski, Dr. Jens Berdermann
7GermanyAstrium GmbHASTRIUM STWilfried Pfeffer
8U.S.A.Space Weather Prediction Center of NOAANOAA-SWPCDr. Rodney Viereck
9GermanyPlanetarium HamburgPlanetarium HHThomas W. Kraupe

For more information about the AFFECTS project partners please look at Project -> Partners

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