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  • 13/11/13: During ESWW10 in Antwerp next week, the AFFECTS team organizes a splinter session on "AFFECTS Space Weather Tools and Services provided". The meeting will take place in room Scala 3 on 21/11 at 17:15 to 18:45. We are looking forward to welcoming all ESWW10 participants. More information about the splinter meeting can be found at -> NEWS & EVENTS -> ESWW SPLINTER.
  • 12/11/13: The AFFECTS team developed a new rss feed providing the latest space weather alerts and storm warnings. You can subscribe to this service at -> SERVICES -> SUBSCRIPTION.
  • 18/10/13: The presentation held by Volker Bothmer at the Space Projects Meeting organised by REA in Brussels on Oct. 3rd, 2013, can be downloaded at -> PR.
  • 24/09/13: During its extraordinary project meeting the AFFECTS consortium organized a press conference which was attended by a number of local and regional newspapers and radio stations. The press release can be downloaded here:
  • 26/08/13: The AFFECTS consortium organizes an extraordinary project meeting in Göttingen (Germany) on 23 - 25/09/2013. The aim of this meeting is the preparation of the project finalization. More information can be found at -> Project -> Meetings -> PM 2013.
  • 02/07/13: Today we published the 7th AFFECTS Newsletter covering all fascinating activities within the project, interesting meetings and events, some insights into the work of NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center within AFFECTS, and so much more! The newsletter can be downloaded from -> News & Events.
  • 11/04/13: The European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry, published its 2nd Edition of "Let's embrace space". AFFECTS is covered again with an updated project overview. The book is available via the EU bookshop, the AFFECTS article can be downloaded at -> PR.
  • 14/03/13: All presentations from the 2nd General Meeting can now be downloaded from this website at -> Project -> Meetings -> 2nd GM. To access the site a log-in is necessary.
  • 11/03/13: The User Workshop presentations are now online and can be downloaded at -> News & Events -> User WS.
  • 20/02/13: AFFECTS published its new Project Newsletter. It can be downloaded at -> News & Events.
  • 14/02/13: The Agenda for the upcoming General Meeting is now online at Project -> Meetings -> 2nd GM. We're looking forward to meeting you again in Brussels!
  • 06/11/12: The AFFECTS User Workshop will take place in Brussels on February 28th, 2013. The international workshop is hosted by the Royal Observatory of Belgium. Please find out more about the user workshop at -> News & Events -> User WS.
  • 19/10/12: Recently, the European Commission published a new version of Guidance Notes on Project Reporting. You can find the publication at -> Members -> Reporting.
  • 12/10/12: SAVE THE DATE: The second General Meeting will take place at the ROB in Brussels on February 26-27, followed by an international AFFECTS User Workshop on Feb. 28. More information will follow soon!
  • 17/09/12: SAVE THE DATE!!! The next AFFECTS Steering Committee Meeting will take place in Brussels on Nov. 6th, 2012 at 7.30pm. An official invitation, the venue and an agenda will follow closer to the meeting.
  • 04/09/12: After their revision all public deliverables of project year one are now uploaded on this website at Project -> Deliverables.
  • 07/08/12: The 4th AFFECTS Newsletter is now available at -> News & Events!
  • 01/08/12: The European Commission's DG Enterprise and Industry, Space Research & Development Unit, produced 3 short promo videos on SPACE DEBRIS, SPACE WEATHER and DATA EXPLOITATION. You can watch the interview with Dr. Volker Bothmer at -> PR.
  • 30/06/12: The presentations of the General Meeting and the Kick-Off Meeting have been finally uploaded under Project -> Meetings.
  • 22/06/12: The project consortium released a project poster to support its dissemination activities. The poster is available in 2 versions. Please go to PR -> Poster to view the results!
  • 30/04/12: A list with publications and talks from the AFFECTS consortium has been added to this website. Please look at Project -> Publications for more details.
  • AFFECTS has been recently presented as an example for successful FP7 Space projects by Volker Bothmer at the SpaceEU conference in Brussels. More details about the conference incl. all presentations can be found here:
  • A selection of press articles covering the March 7/8 CME is available below (in German only):